bill wurtz — "i'm a princess"

I guess it would take me all day to explain why this is the most important song I've heard all year, and I don't even have all of tonight...! so I'll just type some of the words from the song, even though "it's more than words."

"I'm ridiculous and feeling very particular about my world."

"tell it to me once before I'm gone. respect me. I'm a princess. all the soldiers that surround me and make sure I'm lonely: do they daydream? dream that it's okay?"

"tell it to me once before I'm gone."

"there's got to be more. there's got to be so much more! but I don't know what it's there for. I don't know what we're here for."

"sometimes I think of it when I sleep, and I'm dreaming about my friends in need."

and most importantly, the ending.