Web App
for Kitfox Games
Badcupid: Book of Love

This is an info site and Pokédex-like companion web app for Kitfox Games’ streaming game BadCupid. The design was provided by Xin Ran Liu. Working with developer Marcelo Perez of Kitfox, I built the app to use data from the live game, so all changes made to the game’s contents are reflected in the app automatically. I also integrated the site with Microsoft’s Mixer API, to show additional data on the site if a player is logged in to Mixer and has a paid subscription to the game.

I built the app in Vue.js and used Popmotion.js/Pose to create the transitions. I learned a lot on this project and am really pleased with how it turned out!

Concepts & Technologies
Vue.jsPopmotion.jsMixer APIJavascriptAnimation