Web and Graphic Design for Athens Game Jam 2015

In less than a week, I made this site and accompanying flyer for the annual Athens Game Jam. The coordinator of the Jam, Stephen Borden, gave me a week to make it. I said I would do it, but only if he gave me a prompt. The prompt he gave me was "floating islands."

In the jam spirit, I tried out a bunch of new stuff. I'd never done anything with ASCII art or CSS Animation prior to this project. I was generously given access to the alpha version of Monodraw, an app for drawing ASCII art, which I put through its paces. Then I copied groups of characters into Photoshop, arranged and colored them, and then arranged those elements into a flyer and this site.

When you scroll the page, it doesn't move down, it moves things around. My favorite part of the site is that, if you leave the page up for a couple of minutes, the elements begin to glitch out, which is all accomplished with CSS Animation and Transformations.

Site made with Hammer.app, Sublime Text 2, HAML/SCSS, Javascript, Skrollr.js, and a subset of Zurb Foundation.

View the site live here.