Mac Lab Specialist & Lab Assistant, GCSU (2006-2009)

This was a major formative work environment. Under the direction of the great Joe Windish, I grew from a fairly lost-feeling college freshman into a capable and constant presence in the university's main student computer lab.  A significant portion of my education and maturation happened in the GCSU computer lab.

A short list of the different roles I served:

  • Oversaw upkeep, imaging, and regular installation of software for the lab
  • Taught or assisted with classes on various software tasks
  • Helped with production of dozens of student media projects
  • Sound editor on major student documentary
  • Helped develop systems for checking out equipment
  • Night shift cleaning and upkeep
  • General student software and project consultation
  • Administrative assistant

Job responsibilities, briefly summarized:

Server configuration and administration; Creation/distribution of computer images several times a year with
NetRestore, etc.; Mac Specialist; Media specialist; Constant implementation of new technologies; Lab development;
Student interactions and education.


  • Joe Windish
    Lead Technical Specialist
    for Instructional Support
    (478) 445-4424