Web & Graphic Design for Action Button Entertainment (2013–Present)

Action Button Entertainment is a video game developer in Oakland, CA. After I submitted a proposed revision of their only web site in 2013, company founder Tim Rogers asked me to make several sites to support their current and upcoming games. We have continued working together through multiple projects.

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tim rogers suggests my going rate to Dave Lang, head of Iron Galaxy


Since late 2014, I've been developing a site based on the in-game graphics of Action Button's forthcoming game VIDEOBALL. It features animated GIFs; Javascript animations, scrollers, and sliders; linked headlines pulled live from a Tumblr site; a fully-responsive design; and an accompanying linked Press Kit.

In April 2015, I updated the site with completely overhauled graphics. I replaced upwards of 12 megabytes of PNGs and GIFs with about 10 kilobytes of SVGs and JS code. This major update applied a lot of recent learning about animation, JavaScript, and the browser. It also laid a new foundation to building upon for the next versions of the site.

VIDEOBALL.NET as of April 1, 2015



In 2013, I rebuilt actionbutton.com to be responsive, and to easily direct visitors to learn more about (and purchase) their catalog of games. The company was also planning to re-brand across all their products, so the new site was re-styled to fit.

I worked with Action Button in late 2014/early 2015 to update their branding once more. You can see the updated branding, featuring a logo I made in Illustrator, in blue below.

ZiGGURAT — zggrt.com

Next I updated the site for the game ZiGGURAT to match the new branding, then cleaned it up and made it more useful. ZiGGURAT is on iOS right now, and is coming soon to Android. This is one of my favorite iPhone games, and it was great to improve its public-facing image.

Ten By Eight — actionbutton.com/10x8

Next up is Ten By Eight, which came out on PlayStation Mobile on July 23rd, 2013. This was a much more complicated site, with dramatically different layouts for Desktop and Mobile within the same page.  I worked closely with Tim Rogers to meet his vision and the game's aesthetic.

We started with the idea of full-screen video for Desktop, and worked backwards to accommodate smaller screens.

I learned a lot about CSS and Javascript on this project, especially with regard to YouTube's Javascript API. 

Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones — actionbutton.com/tuffy

In September 2014, I modified the 10x8 site to showcase Action Button's next game about a corgi named Tuffy.